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Magnetic drawer separator

Drawer separator are characterised by extremely high efficiency and ease of cleaning. The separator can have between 1 and 4 levels. They can be pulled out at the same time or independently. Magnetically active elements in the dust-proof body are shafts (magnetic cores) placed in thin-walled lining pipes. This type of separator is distinguished by very high efficiency which results from high intensity and magnetic field density. It detects even the finest particles of metals, filings, iron oxides, spherical items and other items with low magnetic susceptibility. Acid-proof magnet covers are finished to obtain aseptic surface. Thanks to that our magnetic separators are used food industry and comply with the HACCP standards.


- cereals
- granules
- flour
- plastic
- powder

They are cleaned by pulling out firstly the whole drawer and next magnetic cartridges.

Rollers have bearings so the cleaning is easy. Magnetic impurities fall down to the cuvette located under the separator. Fast and secure closing of the separator is guaranteed by eccentric levers. Drawer separators are used for separating loose materials with gradation of 2 - 20mm.

principle of operation

We adapt the construction of separators in the field of magnetic requirements and connections . Our magnetic separators are successfully used in the food industry meeting HACCP standards

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