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Magnetic Drum Separator SMB

Are used for clearing loose materials, granulates, pellets from ferromagnetic impurities. They are adapted to work in constant movement. They are usually mounted at the end of the conveyor belts and are used to detect unwelcome iron impurities such as screws, filings, machine components.

- Treatment of raw materials for production of alternative fuels
- Scrap recovery from municipal waste
- Recovery wires with rubber granules from recycled tires
- Metal recovery from recycled glass and PVC
- Purification of pellets in both the production as well as in power plants
- Securing mills , crushers against metal objects

Scope of activity

Working drum coat is usually driven by the worm motoreducer. The source of the magnetic field are magnets installed under the drum coating. The magnetic cartridge is adjustable for different basis weights of impurities. The magnetic cartridge remains stationary while the device is working. The active element is the drum coat with collecting thresholds. The material is divided into two fractions: non-magnetic and magnetic.

Non-magnetic fraction passes freely through SMB, while metal impurities stick to the drum coat and are diverted to the other side by scrapers. They come off automatically when they leave the magnetic field.

These separators are made of the ferrite magnets or high-energy neodymium magnets. Devices used for cleaning liquid substances are made of similar magnetic drums.

Magnetic field in drum separators

In these devices there is used the open magnetic circuit present over the surface of the drum coat with a collecting threshold. In this space the field is irrotational so its potential meets the equation of Laplace.
In the drum separators designer for dry blends for magnetic grain (iron) there acts a system of three forces: magnetic force, centrifugal force and gravity. In recuperators designed for liquid substances the additional factor is liquid or emulsion density.

Magnetic parameters , operating range and dimensions are selected in accordance with the requirements of customers.