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About MAGNEPOL company

The MAGNEPOL company specialises in manufacturing magnetic separation devices in particular magnetic separators made on the basis of permanent magnets. We also make other metal components for industry, gas engineering and construction. Magnetic separators are used for cleaning, segregating, recycling and transforming. They are used for separating metal (iron) items from loose and liquid materials. They are made on the basis of the neodymium or ferrite magnets.

For mining and steel industry, where there is a lot of heavy liquid containing ferromagnetic impurities (especially Fe) we produce magnetic recuperators. They are also made on the basis of the neodymium or ferrite magnets. They are compact devices, ready to install. They are characterised by the high efficiency ratio.

Our devices protect technological machines such as crushers, grinders, presses and sifters from permanent damage and they successfully replace electromagnetic systems without requiring energy supply.

Long experience and cooperation with research centres and universities has allowed us to offer technologically refined solutions.

We are aware that you are facing the difficult choice of the appropriate method of separating metal impurities from manufactured, processed raw materials or final products. For that reason we make every effort to meet your expectations. We are at your disposal when you need to select the appropriate equipment as well as when you need to design a separating line. Regardless of whether o the magnetic separation is necessary during the manufacturing process if you are looking for robust devices at reasonable prices or such are the requirements of the audit firm, we will intend to help you.

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