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Magnetic beams (blocks)

Neodymium overband beams made by MAGNEPOL are, according to the clients, the best separators for detecting unwelcome iron items in transported food (fruit, vegetables, tobacco etc.).

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Separator for grains

This type of separator is distinguished by very high efficiency which results from high intensity and magnetic field density. It detects even the finest particles of metals, filings, iron oxides, spherical items and other items with low magnetic susceptibility.

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Granulate separator

They are used for automatic cleaning of loose materials, granulates, and pellets from ferromagnetic impurities. They are adapted to work in continuous movement.

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Hand magnets

Magnetic cubic and cylindrical holders are made on the basis of neodymium magnets with large scale of activity. Lower and/or side surfaces are magnetically active (depending on your requirements).

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All the products offered are scrutinised in terms of their magnetic properties (according to PN-EN 60404-5:2009 standard) and physical properties such as weight, dimension and load capacity. You can be sure that you will receive goods of the highest quality. All our products are covered by the guarantee.

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